Hi my name is Sophia and I am a freelance Health, Fitness and Wellness professional. I provide Mental, Physical and Creative results-driven strategies to help you and/or your business to grow;

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  4. Are you  Small Business Owner and you need, help, advice and training, setting up and marketing your business on; Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Linkedin

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Easter, a time of jubilation and joy as those of us who are religious join in the celebration of Jesus and all his glory! This is the one time of the year, adults and children alike can rejoice within the community and commemorate the Easter Holidays with chocolate eggs and chocolate sweets. Discover the trails and tribulations of an urban family attempting to shop for chocolate and sweets during the current pandemic conditions of 2021. To shop itself is an experience many look forward to despite the long queues an additional resources needed. We're Going on an Easter Choccy Dash will take you through the modern day way of shopping as a family in a large city: parking issues, wanting to play, long queues and crowds of shoppers all make up the modern day equivalent of 21st Century shopping. I hope you enjoy this book, just as much as my eldest daughter enjoyed editing and proof-reading the final copy. I hope this book is read by those joyful humans who appreciate and enjoy that connection of chocolate and happiness. Sophia says Enjoy!

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