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“Tell me whose gonna look at you and love you for the person you are -

Tell me whose gonna understand that sometimes you can take things too far -

Tell me whose gonna be there when times are good and when they are bad -

Tell me whose gonna Love you Girl the way I Love You"

112 – Love you Like I Did

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Sometimes we can get lost in motherhood as such, this abandonment of self for the nurturing of others usually gets extended to burn out point. I wonder if girls were told in our formative years that we are responsible for our own self care, own self love and sometimes we need to remove our selves from our nurturing roles in order to nurture ourselves. I wonder if that would have made each of our individual adulthood outcomes very different? How are All our feminine stories so different but collectively in larger and larger numbers our story lines are the same.......... this abandonment of self?

Growing up so called British, in London UK in the late 70’s/80’s having little to no income did not present opportunities to go vanity shopping as tween and teens do nowadays. The only Boots store I knew was Jones the Boot makers. Jackie’s Annual and seeing how long we could stay out pass the street lights coming on was the order of the day. Come on………… I still played knock-down-ginger at the age of 14.

Alas those were the days of childhood and innocence, Afro's, Vaseline, tape cassettes and the Rubik cube. Make-up and vanity items:

were either strictly utilitarian (comb, brush Avon), or given as a very special birthday/Christmas. This fact alone starts me in fits of laughter because now in my mature years I can reflect and hearken for the simple things in life.

I have four daughters in total ranging from 11 – 19 and issues of colorism, social media and peer-fellowships are consistent narratives in today’s generation. My 13-year-old attended a highly sought-after London single sex School with children of openly gay transitioned-surgery parents. I knew it was time to remove her from that school when she came home with talks of bisexuality and pan sexuality OMG – What the funk does a 13-year-old know about sexuality? This is an unprecedented times of mass social engineering that youngster are attempting to navigate their way through:

Do you know how many mobile apps are available to teens that they are easily download and used without your knowledge? Facebook WhatsApp, Skype nah sir…… youngster have Instagram, Snapchat, Houseparty yes parents Houseparty a group video chatting mobile and desktop app where users around the world can speak with 2 - 8 other teens at the same time.

The reality of life is that we were each born from a specific set of DNA codes, Spiritual Energy and Magic, linking us back to a specific ancestral line here on this planet earth and like a natural idyllic, untouched field of perfectly formed and growing flowers we are all different, perfectly imperfect perhaps.

Loving Yourself

Looks like Looking in the Mirror and smiling at what you see in the reflection

Loving Yourself

Looks like knowing your Limitations and knowing when to move away from others who affect you.

Tell Yourself Everyday

"I will in time Come to Radiate The Fullness of Who I Am"

Sophia 💋

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