Parenting Teens - 10 Tips For Modern Day Living

Updated: Mar 5

It took me 7 months of daily packing obligations to pack on up a house I had lived in for 3 years with my 3 wonderful children. Eldest son left in May of that year for a life of Love and new adventure with his wife (yes indeed) and the girls and I moved to the East Midlands, yes mid-country: for a new future, a new way of living a brand #NewLife.

Benjamin Franklin once quoted ‘All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.’ Of course my Aries spirit agrees I am one who moves.

After all, living in London can cause multiply personality shifts! Let me make me a disclaimer here; this is my blog, my view, my perspective of which I duly believe I have earned every moment through my 49+ personal experiences on this planet earth. Dancing my way from the delights of my birth town of Waltham Forest and its multi-cultural east London delights via Shadwell, and it’s vast Asian community, finishing my orbit of living and growing a family in the London Borough of Lewisham.

To survive in London as a woman you need to be as smart as Lion, intelligent as an Owl and gentle as a Cat yes Cat. London Life is vicious for the unprepared.

Every type of National Service from Birth to Death is financially stretched. Services for the youth? Forget it, where are all the Youth Centres with the bright, intelligent youth workers who I remember when I was growing up? I remember travelling from east London to Tottenham and other places I won’t mention here lol just because the youth activities were soooooo good. Trips to the seaside, outings with free packed lunches, outdoor activities aha the best times now looking back.

Fast Forward Modern Day: Now I look at my three daughters at home during the summer holidays – no appropriate youth centre’s to be found and this is not the time to be sending 11 and 13-year-old girls out to the park or explore as we once did.

Here are my top ten tips to have a “Communication Full” relationship:

  1. Talk to your children every single day in sentences, paragraphs, questions and answers in both directions for at least 10 minutes,

  2. Have clear boundaries and protocols on the receipt and practices of ALL technology in the household,

  3. Follow through on all boundary challenges,

  4. Give children daily duties/routines for self-improvement of self (clean self, brush teeth clean clothes etc),

  5. Give children daily duties/routines for home improvement for the family (clean room, mop hall, clean dishes etc)

  6. Limit daytime Television/PC/Ipad/Mobile phone time,

  7. Regularly review your child’s social media streams and their photos and languages,

  8. Update your knowledge on technology so you can have a 2-way conversation on new trends,

  9. Remove Television/PC/Ipad/Mobiles phone from the child resting room at a respectable time.

  10. Allow your child to inform you on technology advances

After All Communication is a 2-way thing least we forget.

Sophia 💋

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