5 Top Tips for Dating Online Successfully

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Online dating can be a minefield within the modern day backdrop of swift technology changes and less face-to-face verbal communications. To pick up an inanimate object, single-handedly register, type-out brand descriptors of self, post a best self picture(s) is all so non-human, so mechanical, so not for the over 40's......... or so my friends and colleagues assume.

My experiences within the romantic world of online dating has been sporadic and non-effective in my younger days of being single. When I reflect back on the results of my earlier endeavours, I really didn't know what I wanted or even needed. When do we really do this? Who teaches us to seek what we need or is actually good for us? Society, our parents, our environments, social media, the girl next door?

I came to see that my choices of previous partnerships were as a result of my lack of understanding of Me: What I really needed in a partner, what ingredients does a good man look like? What do I need to be happy?

When I chose to take true pause in Life and sat down with myself and really, really, really, really considered what I needed and wanted in;

my life,

my FUTURE experiences

my hopes

my dreams

in my 40's is when the internet delivered gold in the form of man who truly delivers on ALL of the values that I perceived encompasses a successful relationship.

Have a listen, let me know if you agree?

See you next time.

Sophia 💋

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