Too Original - No such thing

The ability to open one's eyes and have a fully, functioning external body that can express itself through dance, mobility, flexibility and dexterity is so beautiful! We are individual yet we are all the same, we are original yet we have so much commonality, we have herd mentality yet zones of endless loneliness thoughts and reasonings.

Observing nature, flowers, plants, trees of great beauty, I observe the recurring cycle of nature's greatness. Seeds spend many months beneath earth before they sprout, thrive, grow sometimes under harsh growing conditions.

Dancing within my community, I see, teach, touch, talk to people who have been through harrowing circumstances whether physically, mentally, spiritually or a combination of any of the three. Fortunately, these individuals have or are overcoming difficult circumstances and become empowered through their respective transformation.

Aren't we exactly like nature, despite at times overwhelming condition one can still thrive, still grow, still transform and everyday you can be the best version of yourself ever.

Too Original? No such thing.

Come Dance with Me and have a Wonderful Week whatever you are doing 💃💃💃

Sophia 💋

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