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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Growing up in a Jamaican household, it was common to have music playing whilst going about daily tasks, watching TV and definitely in order to learn the new dance of the moment. I remember being allowed to stay up late (many eons ago) in order to watch the premiere TV broadcast of Michael Jackson's eagerly awaited Thriller video only to spend the next two weeks learning every step of his dance routine via memory (repeats weren't a thing then see). Daily, I find myself working out choreography in the kitchen, scribbling down names of new tracks, using the garden for exercise videos and asking the children for new trends of the teens lol.

In this year 2018, everyone is busy, busy, busy! Too busy to spend time with those they profess to Love, to busy to take care of self, to busy to take a holiday just to damn busy trying to survive this experience called Life! Professionals, mothers, fathers, work at home entrepreneur have less time to commit too Self, however commit to Self you must in order to be fit, well and healthy. Travelling out to exercise is a time commitment. Incorporating exercises in your day makes it easier to align yourself with your fitness goals: walk instead of taking the car, park the car further from your destination, ride a bike, go to the park and actually play with your children.

Alberto "Beto" Pérez created a portal for Fitness Instructor to dance within the community and promote community cohesion through his Zumba Fitness programmes. To dance and be free, To dance within our communities, To dance and place your town on the world map.... is very uplifting, bonding and oftentimes cathartic. Find yourself a great Zumba teacher and watch how much brighter you life can be!

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Souls and Remember to Always Dance Culturise 💋

Zumba - El Meneaito Tao Tao

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