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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

True Story : "so I've been at it for over 25 years" Fitness Instructing that is 😂😂 and Life couldn't be any happier as I sit on my bed this wet, windy Friday morning in the not so sunny city of Leicester, contemplating my day and Zumba activities at the African Caribbean Centre this evening.

My passion for instructing has brought me a long, long, long way, having met and still friends with some wonderful souls with their own journeys, own thoughts, own realities of life and living. Sharing has made me grateful for what I have, sharing has solved many a problem but ultimately sharing has shown me that I am Never Alone and every challenge in my life can be overcome with Wisdom, Knowledge and Love.

I made this "25 Years as a Fitness Instructor, Lets Talk" Video for all my Fitness Friends and Colleagues around the world as despite the rain, isolation, loneliness, (at times) low pay;

We Get UP, Show UP and Don't give UP on YOU

See You Real Soon

Sophia 💋

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