The 1st UK Lock Down

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

“Fitness Instructing is a lifestyle” can I just laugh out very loud right now? Here we are 12 weeks into a World Government lock down of ALL health and fitness related group exercise and 1-2-1 personal contact with anyone outside our familial. An industry that for 28 year's has led me to believe that anything is possible in terms of personal growth, body transformations and personal development goals - totally shattered into minuscule pieces.

This so-called pandemic has resulted in mass misinformation, fear-mongering and a world-wide social engineered exercise from those who have the power and the authority to do so. People are running, here there and everywhere, replacing all those years of consistent and reliable evidence of themselves, their behavior, their accomplishments their achievements and their own bodies precluding this national shut down.

Scrolling through the various social media platforms the truth seems clearer on LinkedIn where fitness professionals are questioning the plausibility of this so-called virus being a hoax and the limited service return as per the government's scheduled roll out.

The media televised death tolls, the empty hospitals, the medical professionals at drive thru’s, twerking on Tic Tok, no family pet deaths, no deaths in and around gyms, fitness facilities, prisons or elderly care homes. Celebrities propagating divisions upon the silver screen and "The People" are mesmerized.

The media has much to do with the general public’s conviction of fear, stress, and dread. Order out of chaos is the order of the day and I do believe that you, me and I never, ever have a staged part in these online dramas and televised programmes, we are merely the puppets, watching the televisions boxes.

Today the second of June is so called black out day in support of an unknown news, media report. What has the world come to that our emotions can be controlled by the news institutions?

During this manufactured paused to my daily duties, I have decided to slay my demons of fear, neglect, abandonment, unworthiness, instability by updating my personal development skills both on the fitness front and personal growth. I am in the process of utilizing better financial acumen and perhaps changing my career direction. There is no time like the present and this season this time right here calls for pink lol. I have never been a follower.

Sophia 💋

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