December 2020 - Lock down 2.0 Fever

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Can't really believe that December has arrived so quickly and effortlessly with its sexy self. My to-do-list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter but the days and nights itself surely are. Dark before 4pm, energy levels waning by lunch time, just wanting to nap before 5pm all hibernation behavior of us humans, well myself at least.

Aha the life and times of a mature woman in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, having had to change career mid-year and single-handily bringing up two teen girls. This is as chaos as chaos can get. I had a "run of my lip-stick red mouth" on a social media post recently as I am and will remain annoyed at the devastation of my life time career that is a Group Exercise Instructor. I just smh at all the Covid_19 political decisions and draconian bs that keeps us contained inside, away from the community and others.

However, running your mouth doesn't get actions done so I've refocused that energy and returned to my to-do-list which I now gratefully accept I have the time, energy and health to plow my way through. It is easy to get caught up in the entertainment that spews forth from our media boxes and have a point of view liked or hearted by a fair few people but really how does that change YOUR life, how does that impact your actions, your gains in life I mean not by much really? I guess I felt vindicated that my opinions are liked and supported. Whoopee for me, then I swiftly returned back to my personal track of growth and experiences.

As 2020 has flowed into December I have changed my mindset, acknowledging that everything is for a reason. Perhaps its right and justifiably to allow the body to rest and do other activity rather than as much physicality that is normally involved in my regular day. The mind is not be wasted. At least I have managed to release some negative people who were orbiters in my life and discover some great music by some amazing artist over the last few days.

This past Sunday I spent 3 hours looking for my ignition key pertaining to the same vehicle that gets me and my family from A to B. Long story short it was in my car as my car door key is separated from my ignition key - lol life. Sunday taught me to slow down, great efforts are not achieved overnight and that when you come to challenges in life that can not be presently overcome: Fall back, do something else of great consequence (or not) and eventually the pathway will realign. Thank Goodness. We shall persevere!

Sophia 💋

PS Listen to Jacquees - Exit 68 (Full Mix-tape) available on YouTube

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