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I swear I'm a vampire😄😄 I need to get myself a night job and sharper front teeth, I seem to get my highest energy and creative solution ideas at 2, 3 perhaps 4am in the mornings. Sometimes I watch silly, romantic goofy movies on Netflix's or those obscure Amazon Prime ones where the actions is so wooden you end up laughing out loud in the middle of the night, I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a little disturbed, often times I'm listening to different genres of dance music, my 'Feelin A Vibe' playlist on YouTube or 'Spiffy The Goat's' slow jam central on Facebook. I'm quite eclectic in my music choices, however there is nothing like a new 'in ma feelings' tracks that I usually end up playing one million times drenching me with soul tones and vibrations that heal thy spirit. Music my reader hits me like that, does it do the same to you?

All the while though, I'm working on digital content commitments of which is thankfully increasing in numbered contracts. Canva and Hoot-suite open and available 24/7, pictures. words, colours, ideas/mood board on super glow. Water, Baileys and coffee keeping the membranes hydrated whilst the mind enters a zone of fantasies and realities that only a blogger/social media content manager can fully comprehend. I've got into a little pattern of sitting upright in bed supported by numerous pillows and duvet firmly tented over my body escaping every 60 minutes or less for refreshments and stress relievers.

To be up at night when the rest of UK may or may not be asleep is an indescribable feeling akin to self love really. You can only talk to yourself at 3am (unless you have a circle that doesn't sleep), the mind has slowed down somewhat if you are a conventional human, you are more relaxed, open and if you are like me your intuition is in over drive. Perhaps there is something to be learnt in the stillness of the night regarding humans, lucidness and productivity.

On a mental level I'm more creative, structured and organised in the nocturnal hours, on a physical level I love to teach my group exercise classes in the day-time being enmeshed and emerged around people, community and activity. Perhaps it is the fact that one does need as much sleep to recover and repair as we get older, perhaps it is my personality and character. To know oneself is a good thing isn't it? Finding your rhythms and synchronicity in life is truly a marvelous thing. As I come towards the completion of today's blog I'm listening to a Facebook relationship video by the fabulous Mark Groves of #createthelove fame entitled:

What are you learning as you let go of your person?

Very simply and in own comical but factual way he stated near he end of his short video "In the loss you find you" and that's the win in letting go. This words reached my heart and resounded all to way through to my very soul.

Healing childhood abuse, neglect, poor parenting, broken relationship's, hurtful friendship's, job losses, deaths of close ones or perhaps loss of physicality can be in the moment the most devastating feeling that the body/heart/mind could ever fathom or pre-conceive. However you can and will overcame, heal yourself by introducing stronger boundaries around your person, dealing with you childhood patterning by perhaps attending counselling or coaching sessions. Take yourself out and about and really discover who you are, what you like and your value of your mind and person. 'Toxic people' use a Love-Bombing and Devaluation strategy intermittently over time ensuring the other person 'Abandons Their True Self to Another'. Personal Values, Integrity, Freedom, Privacy and often times; Finance's all stripped and placed in unsafe keeping.

'Letting Go' has taught me to place value on my own God damn self, Gas myself up! Your intuition is real and in this modern day of 2020 you should have full Armour on as toxicity is at an all time high. Learn to give yourself what you need. Understand that relationship's are about reciprocation and shared respect. Look at yourself and see the beautiful, wonderful parts of your body, soul and mind that make you You. Shine the light within, do you see the steady glow? It has always been there tickling the spirit, making your smile and having hope for another day, moment, opportunity to enjoy those bright spots in Life that come like rainbows and implode with sugar coated happiness all up inside.

Not every day is pretty and no the challenges don't stop coming as every negative relation/situation-ship requires another level of grief and healing incubation, however you can and and will become a new improved version of yourself as there is nothing like physical/mental pain inflicted upon us by another that may motivate you to pick up your (You) 'Fine Diamond' infinite valued, encrusted jewelry self, walk off into the sunset admiring your booty like any self-deserving captain would.

I can see your shining🤗

Sophia 💋

PS Checkout my 'Feelin The Vibe' playlist on my YouTube channel @danceculturise

Let me know what you think?

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