Lockdown 2.0

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Is wha da rass? Dem lock us down for a next session of #stayathome again in the UK. If I really want to be honest I'm a non-believer of government's rules, conditioning, the pantomiming theatrics of parliament and the drama and espionage surrounding elections and governance. I don't believe none of the mis-truths and diabolic lies that are sprouted liberally from our television screens 24/7 in a ever enlarging cycle of doom, gloom and statistics.

In actual fact did I tell you a that I do not own and neither shall I own a television for the foreseeable future? I think television are "Idiot boxes" which lure you into slouching, watching innate plastic actors and actresses behind theatrical mask and make-up. To be fair an overwhelming amount of garbage wrapped up in the name of entertainment, education or both. Entertainment/education of whom may we asked, why us of course you, me, he, she whoever wants to opt in unless you or I choose to opt out of course?

I find it so funny to be 11 steps behind world censorship. I never knew when it was mandatory to wear mask and now I just avoid shops, premises, buses, businesses, offices etc that do not allow you to cross their doors without these nasty unsanitary face cloths. I was thinking why are the Supermarket and Convenience shop workers, doctors, nurses, front line workers NOT dying in droves as they were not entitled to furlough and worked throughout this pandemic period. Also why are animals; dogs, cats, rabbits not dropping like COVID_19 says it can?

I chose to retain my peace, love my family a little bit harder and fill my mind not with propaganda and man-made deliverance but with exercise, joy, happiness and my cheeky smile of course. I really hope the leisure centres re-open real soon. I so like swimming, dancing and exercising in the community amongst other people, however until then I shall make writing my therapy unless I decide to exercise in the great outdoors, aha watch this space!


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