Monday's Mindset & Exercise

How are you amusing yourself during this containment? Today I woke up at 4am unable to return to sleep so I decided to hang clothes out that had been washed, completed my social media scheduling tasks, drank two tea's, sweated out a 40 minute HIIT session, showered and had early morning chit chat's with one of my teens who insists on waking up at 5am every morning (don't ask). The irony is that she is the only one of my 3 children born on a afternoon; 4:03pm to be precise, the other two arrived in the very early hours of the morning haha.

Nevertheless, I press on with my too-do-list for the day as I guess the more I get done earlier in the week, the easier the week will progress. Monday is really a day like no other. On a psychological level our mind-set has everything to do with how we perceive our challenges ahead, however with a lack of general routine like a job or lock-down conditions like today we have to be our own self-motivators. Thoughts are just thoughts without actions are they not?

Exercise is an integral part of my day otherwise it seems that something is missing. That feeling of pushing your body to newer and greater limits seems like one of the best and greatest gifts one can give to oneself; no need for others, endorphins galore and the gift of looking at yourself in the mirror, feeling your very best in this moment.

Not every day is a good day but we can seek joy in the moments when they are joyful. Doing something for yourself each and every day is a real big positive. It is really up to you to live your best life. There is no excuse like an adult excuse of 'not being able to do'. When I think I can't I look into my children's eyes and know I can. Life throws many challenges at you and you really cannot stop the rain. I think its all in the mindset. You and only you imprison yourself. Its really liberating to set yourself free and not live in the confines of other people's expectation of you.

The time is now 8:08am, have a great week!


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