Online Dating 2020 update

So it's 8:22am in Leicester and I'm sitting upright on my bed listening to The Roommates YouTube video entitled 'The Tragedy of the Independent Woman" cue hysterical laughter. It is biased towards the millennial adults however it does have tidbits for us older ladies.

It lead me back to thinking of my online dating sites experiences earlier this year. I posted two profiles on two different dating apps thinking in that feminine way of mine;

World pandemic = Honest relationships!

And yes I am single, looking for a honest, reciprocal male to female relationship is all. However as HG Tudor (the infamous YouTube Ultra Narcissist) quotes "online dating is 'Shark Invested Waters" and indeed I found this to be the case. Plenty of married men on the carousels advertising their secret services to be fitted in around their martial obligations; young millennial's with an older woman fantasy (as seen on porn-hub); lots of penis selfie's with no surname's and regular men who have zero social skills and certainly should not be dating with 5+ year old pictures on their dating profile.

This new age dating man do not like to share their social media handles with you as I think they don't want you to catch on to their duplicity; like a whole other family, or a checkered past, gambler, abuser and the list goes on; however in straight paradox to this they can/will spend an inordinate amount of time telling you how stunning or gorgeous you look on a public social media stream. I really don't want a fan to be my man. I don't understand how and when the dating world went so skewed, so fake?? We all are in the middle of the World's biggest pandemic which affects All our life's yet still toxic people deliver their toxicity regular like clock work.

In our world of technology and social media streams when another person consistently visits your public site for their perusal (stalking), eventually their profile will come up in our algorithms, thereby giving us the one who walked away the ability to block their profile; at least until they open up another fake profile to continue watching you from afar like the insects they are.

Block them and float on by!


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