Reggae Rhumba In Partnership With Britain's Got Reggae

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

After much flap and ceremony, I had decided that teaching exercise in the virtual world is so not for me. Impersonal, clinical, technical and that inconsistent musical lag between you and your participants can be such a passion killer. So, there I was twiddling my thumbs wondering where my platform of dance was to exist in this new universe…...

Thursday 2nd April 2020, Cyrlene (founder @bgreggae) calls and offers me a regular exercise slot on her Britain’s Got Reggae Facebook page. Live transmissions from my home two/three times per week set at 12pm BST, yikes live, live LIVE!!!! Could I do this? No room for error Sophia, can you really, really do this? If you know how Cyrlene conducts her business, you will know; equipment checks were instantly completed, and a circular video light was quickly purchased and deposited in my living room. No time for procrastination or excuses, I guess.

To be honest dance is my safe space, I dance & be me, I dance and always feel happy. I love to enthuse others with my joy for dance and that my reader has kept me sound of heart and mind for my whole life thus far.

I believe you have to be that example in the world, walk the talk innit? For me it is my joy to see the love of dance and achievement in other people’s eyes. I adore that connection. I just Love it.

Join me every Monday and Friday on Britain’s Got Reggae Facebook page for some simple and effective exercises for all ages. These sessions have been designed to keep the nation moving with reggae music and a great big smile. You Can Do it @danceculturise 🥰

See You Real Soon.

Kind Regards

Sophia 💋

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