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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Oh my goodness in the past two weeks I've splashed out just under £200 on outfits from online boutiques like #isawitfirst #everything5pounds and #shein I've been having the time of my life studying modern day outfits by scrolling through endless pages of style and poses like the budget style queen I am. It is very time consuming, if not exhaustive looking at page after page of bright colours on an even brighter mobile or computer screen, as for lounge wear colours who really looks cool lounging in all white, tan or orange outfit???

Ordering new clothes as a busy mother of two was at the top of my 'look good chart' as Lock Down 1 had me living all kinds of Ground Hog days, especially doing social media videos, OMG some clothes I can't bear to ever see again like for real. I wish my clothes really just materialised in my wardrobe, like boom see me here. Even when shopping out at city centre's I like to hit the shops like an assault course; get in and out with as much fitted clothes as possible. I find it all 'long'.

When you are curvaceous, one must stay away from certain style or at least make sure they are tailored to fit. A mini-skirt can end up as ruched belt and a crop top could end up as boob tube which may look great on miss size 6 Shein princess, maybe not so much on a woman several stones bigger and rounder. The crossover is real though I remember when I was growing up older woman wore 'church clothes' i.e. polyester flowered dresses and not much trousers unless they were elasticated and pregnant. Haha roll on getting older it seems women can wear what we want now!

Personally I love a mini-dress and jumpsuits, whole outfits in one piece so practical, so cool. I do so love to wash and go, so much so I don't even own an iron. I guess we are living in a material world and I am a (lyrca) material girl haha!


PS the orders arrived and I'm feeling good. Go visit my Instagram for the new outfit looks @danceculturise 💋

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