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Updated: Mar 5

Is it possible to have a favourite day of the week or do you think the mind cunningly acquiesce to life much more on some days rather than others? I quite like Tuesday's (Choose day) that little day that slides in after frenetic, busy, busy, go, go, go 'Mondays' agenda of 'lights, camera actions' amidst lots of problem-solving. As part of my research for this blog I happened upon this free website https://www.dayofbirth.co.uk/ and it tickled me greatly that I was actually born on a Tuesday, many so called Mars moon's ago. This makes complete sense in my well-seasoned brain:

  • Born on a Tuesday.

  • Your star sign is Aries.

  • Your birthstone is Diamond.

Diamond are very much a representative of me and my life to date. It really, really, really does take a long time to grow and become You, your own person all the good, bad and indifference about your inner/outer being, however I digress. My to-do-list hitting double figures I drive off to the gym on a mission of strength. I have always had admiration for people who pump iron, especially females. They possess this strength and form that is admirable. It takes a lot of consistent days/nights in the gym, dietary change, sleep and loss of social activities to create a great body.

Working as Personal Trainer at Bannatyne's and the University Gyms I would often find myself studying the dedication, consistency, weight loss /gains of the early morning, late night consumer of these facilities. Their intensity and integrity to form and conditioning, day by day session by session rep by rep, building form, routine and integrity with their brand that is their divine self.

It started me to thinking, prior to 2020 my usual path to fitness had always been dance, dance dance, however of late and obviously going through these Covid_19 times 2020 I have deduced a high quantity of subcutaneous fat liking my physical form. Coming swiftly down from teaching a weekly quota of 8-12 classes per week of Aqua and Zumba down to zero; OMG the body and mind surely does feel it. However I lay calm and peaceful in the fact that I have been teaching and producing group exercise classes for 28 years lol look at me? I should hopefully be a like a duck to water upon my return. Not that I'm not practicing tho trust me this body loves a good dance around the house. I miss the feel of my body going through those motions, loud music and expressing my passion to a welcoming audience. I will welcome that factor of my life back hugely upon its return.

In the meantime this girl has strength and conditioning goals to reach, how can a Personal Trainer not lift more than the clients they teach? Exactly, the reason why I appear on Bannatyne's Gym Floor to be undertake a technical session with my fitness crush the powerful Leanne (Insta @fit_byleanne).

Bannatyne's Leicester is an eclectic mixture of young and older people who quite simply take their fitness/pool side sessions seriously. Since the long awaited refurbishment in 2019, all the fitness equipment is new, versatile, adaptable and Fun yes fitness is flipping fun at Bannatyne, whether you want to work out using polymeric, Olympic barbells, Smith machine or even a ruddy tank bang in the middle of the gym floor it has it all. In no way is this a advert well perhaps lol, however its all true: the bio-mechanic's knowledge, certification and personal dedication of the PT's up there is va va vroom.

Anyways seeing as it seems I really could chat for England, please find the results of my first session back in the gym prior to 16th March 2020.

And yes thank you for asking I am feeling super great. I went back two days later and upped the weight. I will be looking to train 4/5 times per week using an abbreviated version of the Dorian Yates intensity training method, as explained to me by one of my Instagram fitness hero's @iamrobban 😍😍😍

Since the advent of Covid_19 and the shutting down and restrictions of communal gatherings its ironic that we as humans will still find other ways to commune and be together. I've learnt so much this year from people who I have not even met in person. Imagine that lol.

#sophiaspeaks 💋

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